After graduating at Theatre School Amsterdam in 1983, Ariëlle started working as an actress and independent theatre maker, and besides was teaching and guiding theatre students in creating their own plays.

She discovered martial arts with master Phoa at the Mimeschool as a great way to train your body and mind, and a wonderful method to ‘act from the empty space within’.

To be embodied, in presence, grounded, and clear of mind at once. Open and with heightened awareness, active and receptive, with Yang and Yin in dynamic balance.

In 1998 she left the theatre to be a good mom for her sons, and started her own consultancy for training & theatre. Since then she worked as a coach, trainer, and consultant for embodied communication, personal leadership and self-change. Mostly bringing heady people into contact with their bodies and emotions, strengthening self esteem and self determination. From an open space it is possible to create a new reality, and become who you are. Live your dream!

Being curious, Ariëlle kept on exploring the reality of human condition, studied Structural Dream Interpretation (3 years), learned about cognitive and physical methods for self-change (The Work, RET, Circling), about integral approach (Spiral Dynamics Integral), and she experimented in communities of practice with new ways of being in the world with yourself and others (Constellation Yin), and with energy work and consciousness development (Constellation Energetics).

Ariëlle is now a long time Qi Gong Practioner at the Wújí Institute of master Kong Mien Ho, who is teaching Taoist, Buddhist and medical qi gong forms. She is currently studying for Medical Qi Gong Practioner/Therapist in the method of dr. Jerry Alan Johnson with Dr. Linda Bijtebier at Academ Center, to deepen her knowledge of the Chinese holistic view on body, mind and spirit, the earth and the universe.

Next to teaching Qi Gong, she offers in- and outdoor coaching sessions, about dreams from the night or from daytime, and theatre classes for Dutch and English speakers.

At The Conscious Club, Ariëlle is teaching Qi Gong Flow and Organ Balancing classes. The focus is on letting the qi flow and allow your body to heal, nurture and balance itself.