Arielle Brouwer     - Qigong Flow

Arielle Brouwer - Qigong Flow

Arielle is trained in QiGong by master Kong Mien Ho at the Wújí Instituut voor Taiji Quan, Kung Fu en Qi Gong in Amstelveen.

Starting out as an actress, she discovered martial arts in 1984 at the Amsterdam Theatre School, as a wonderful method to ‘act from the empty space within’. To be embodied, in presence, grounded, and clear of mind at once. Open and with heightened awareness, active and receptive, with Yang and Yin in dynamic balance.

From the external Wushu form, she soon changed to practicing more internal forms, like Taiji Quan and spontaneous movement, (yet also did yoga, modern dance, aerobics, etc), and finally chose for QiGong as her favorite daily practice, a source of health, happiness and wisdom.

In 2017 her master, Amien Ho, granted her the permission to teach QiGong.

Arielle has previously worked as an actor, drama-teacher, interactive theatre developer, and role-play performer.

She nowadays works as an independent consultant, leadership & communication trainer for organizations, career & life coach for professionals, dreamwork coach for individuals, and qigong teacher.

She loves her children, cats, cooking meals, and walking (and working!) in nature. She’s part of the Center for Human Emergence NL (purpose: integral societal innovation), and volunteering in citizen participation, dialoguing, and energetic fieldwork.