Detox Tip from Cristina Guerra

Starting your Monday on a positive note!

Detox Tip from Cristina Guerra


Pavritta Upavisha Konasana (Side angle–head pose).
The objective is not to touch the toes but to expand the side torso stretching the organs in one side of the body, and compressing the ones on the opposite side. The stretch of the torso and the heart opening care for a release of toxins in our digestive system and it activates our lymphatic and immune systems.

In a deeper level it brings an interesting combination of calm with expansion. Bring the feet apart or one bend of the knees to the inner part of the opposite thigh. Stabilize your hips (maybe you need an elevation with a blanket under your seat) with a straight spine and the chest opened. Inhale bringing one of the arms up, and exhale leaning to the opposite leg. Do not try to reach the foot, just breathe and start coming slowly down breath by breath, inhaling extending and exhaling leaning a little bit more. Close your eyes and enjoy it within.

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