Creativity Tip from Tim van der Vliet

Starting Your Monday on a positive note! 

Creativity Tip from Tim van der Vliet


When we grow older, our creativity and our motor we had as a child is going to show cracks. (Educational) systems push the creativity out of our bodies. With these five extremely simple yoga exercises you can boost your creativity and let your body, mind and spirit feel and be younger.

I's called the 5 Tibetan Rites. Actually my secret, but I'd love to share this with you. Five extremely simple yoga exercises that are 2500 year old . They are called "The Fountain of Youth", and I believe that is true. In the last ten years my body really has become younger by doing these sort of exercises.

Fountain of Youth

What you see here is the first exercise. Just turn five rounds to the right with your arms straight. Look with your eyes to your right hand. It shakes up your system and it aligns your chakra's. Maybe it's just luck, or I am living in my own fantasy world, but I would really recommend to try. 

If you would like to see all five Tibetan exercises check this video.

If you want to learn these exercises and other simple exercises to stay fit, including Wim Hof Breathing exercises, feel invited to come my Body Zen class every Wednesday at 8.15AM at The Conscious Club.

See you soon, stay Body Zen!