Vegan Autumn Harvest Salad

Vegan Autumn Harvest Salad

Need some new vegan recipe inspiration?Autumn is around the corner and the days are getting colder, which means we need proper food with the right amount of energy, that keeps us going through the day. Why not try this nourishing autumn-themed salad by The full helping packed with vitamin bombs such as, roasted sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts?!

With less than 10 minutes preparation time this nourishing salad is ideal for the days, when it has to go quick and you don’t want to make big mess in the kitchen.

Despite being healthy and delicious, this salad is a celebration of seasonal and local vegetables. So if you want to make more sustainable and conscious choices this recipe should definitely be on your list…:)

Find the recipe here and eventually create your own preferred version of the salad :)

The Conscious Club Recipe - Harvest-salad