Aventurine: The Crystal of Luck

Aventurine: The Crystal of Luck  

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If you seek overall improvement in your life and a bit of luck, Aventurine is the crystal. The winning energy of this stone is ideal for those who start off with new adventures, want to manifest their dreams, or simply need a bit of good fortune in their life. 

Aventurine is a Quartz crystal that occurs in multiple colors such as yellow, orange, red to reddish-brown, purple, blue, and grey. The most common variety is green. 

Also known as “The Stone of Opportunity”, Aventurine increases opportunity and attracts luck. From manifesting prosperity to increasing confidence, Aventurine does it all. Since the crystal also promotes change, you can more easily break old habits. But also, if you are in need of boosting your motivation, creativity, perseverance, and decisiveness, Aventurine is a great choice!

The emotional healing property of Aventurine is soothing and relaxing. During moments of anger and irritation, Aventurine helps you to calm down. 

Linked to the heart chakra, Aventurine stimulates an overall well-being and emotional stability. On a physical level, Aventurine works anti-inflammatory and has a positive effect on the nervous system, connective tissue, and stress-related headaches and migraines.  

Interesting fact:

The stone absorbs electromagnetic radiation and protects against environmental pollution. 

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Virgos are rational, organized, practical, and analytical. These qualities, however, come with a disadvantage: over-analysis. Virgos can experience an “analysis paralysis,” which means that the over-thinking and over-analyzing of everything is to the extent that it leaves you unable to make decision.  

For the detailed-thinking Virgo, Aventurine is the perfect match! At times when you get overwhelmed by your rational side, use Aventurine to make you more decisive! 


The name Aventurine is derived from the Italian word a ventura or all’avventura which means “by chance.” The meaning refers to the Italian glass that was created “by chance” in the 18th century: when a worker accidentally dropped metal fillings into a melting glass vat, it turned out to be a very pretty sparkling glass. This was then used as decoration for object and to make jewelry. Since the stone resembled this manufactured glass, the name Aventurine was given to it. 

Conscious contributor: Zeynep Kizilirmak


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