Blood Moon in Aquarius: Control in Time of Crisis

Blood Moon in Aquarius: Control in Time of Crisis

During this blood moon there are many little factors that play a role in affecting your point of view. Full moons represent insightful times during which you should take a look at your intentions and set them right. Having an active solar eclipse simultaneously means it’s the moment for revolutions. Big changes might come knocking on your door but don’t hesitate to invite them in!

Blood Moon

On this day, 27th of July, the moon will turn reddish and brownish instead of turning pitch black during the eclipse. Thus, being called a blood moon. This is because some of the sunlight is being refracted by the atmosphere surrounding the Earth. This blood moon is very rare since it will be the longest total lunar eclipse of the century. The duration of the total lunar eclipse is determined by the position of the moon as it passes through the Earth's shadow. This full moon gets even more significant due to it falling on a full solar eclipse at the same time which is also the longest of the century.


Motives of the lunar and the solar eclipses go well together, allowing you to match your inner flow with the outer.  However, it might get wild as whatever you are holding in will find a way out finally. So, why not just be little reckless this week and leave the thinking of your sins for the next week?! With new moon coming up in August, it will bring everything together and unify your emotions that have been shaken up by the full moon.

The July 27 lunar eclipse will invite you to focus on certain emotions and on the close bonds with your loved ones. Especially it being a total lunar eclipse, it will feel stronger than a regular full moon. Also, while the July 12 solar eclipse is still active for two more weeks, this combination of powerful energies might feel intense and overly dramatic. Some tips for you to be in control in time of crisis is to keep calm, make time for yourself and listen to your heart. Following your natural state yet keeping an open mind to changes is the right way to go! 




This total eclipse falls in the sign of Aquarius which may remind you of the past problems. It is connected to big developments and dealing with inner tensions, it’s the time of high energies and intense emotions. This is good for finding your pure purpose towards what you actually need. Don’t forget the universe is always guiding you!

Additionally, Leo season increases sensitivity and emotions might feel more impulsive. Trying to understand where every excitement and attitude stems from will help you stay grounded.


Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury just went retrograde on the 25th of July, resulting in a total of five planets to be in retrograde!

These times might make you feel overwhelmed as you can feel a lack of inspiration. But don’t get discouraged as Mars also being in retrograde will have the most impact on you and that is linked to solving what is bothering you.

Although, going through an emotionally challenging eclipse will generate wild actions and some frustrations. Saturn can be your saving angel since it will help you calm down and handle decisions like a boss.


Conscious Contributor: Natalie Tekin

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