Crystal of the month March - Fluorite

Photography:    ROCKS WITH SASS

Photography: ROCKS WITH SASS

Crystal of the Month - Fluorite

Our in house crystal expert Charon Tolhuisen hand selects a special crystal for each month. In this Pisces month, we’re focusing on the Fluorite crystal, and unpacking it’s powerful characteristics. 

In the month of March we turn our focus to the beauty and strength of the Fluorite crystal. Named in 1797 by Carlo Antonio Galeani Napione from the Latin word “fluere” which means “to flow”. 

Fluorite is one of the most highly sought after crystals in the world, and that comes as no surprise when there is such a wide variety of colours and forms to choose from. This treasure is loved by mineralogist and metaphysical healers, as well as everyday people all over the world.

This special stone is commonly known as a balancer of the head and the heart. It actively promotes spiritual development and protection which results in inner peace. It is a highly stabilising stone, useful for grounding and harmonising spiritual energy.

Not sure how to harness the power of a Fluorite crystal? Here’s how:

When first learning to meditate, it’s recommended that you keep a Fluorite crystal nearby. They can help with concentration and focus, allowing your mind to relax into the practice and release distracting thoughts. It also has the potential to connect you even deeper spiritually with your spirit guides and animal totems. Once harnessed, this energy can be used to manifest one’s purpose.

If you’re faced with challenges or tight deadlines at work, having a Fluorite crystal by your side could be just the boost you need. Often called the ‘Genius Stone”, Fluorite can help one work through complex issues, as well as assisting the mind with taking on new information. Its energy stimulates the electrical charge of brain cells which attracts more life force. This opening of the mind expands your consciousness and sets you in a greater spiritual and mental flow.

Goodbye negative energy. Hello purified mind, body and soul!

Fluorite’s strong protective energy can help you stay on the right path by indicating when people are trying to take advantage of you, automatically shutting off physic and mental manipulation. It teaches you to trust and go with your intuition.

It will always look to clean and purify elements in the body that are not functioning as well as they could be. This body ‘spring clean’ comes at the perfect time as we face a change of season. We have the opportunity to look internally and make changes to our lifestyle to become more organised and in turn, more at peace.


Conscious Contributor: Hayley Becht

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