Fuchsite: The Crystal of Insight

Fuchsite: The Crystal of Insight


With its magical and elegant aesthetic—green with gold specks—Fuchsite is also known as the Fairy Crystal. The beauty of this crystal is not only outward but also inward: the healing properties of this gem is as beautiful as its appearance. 

Fuchsite stands for insight and…insight. Sometimes we don’t realize that certain people only emanate negative energy, which in turn can drain us. If you want some insight into your relationships: how people deal with you but also how you deal with people, using Fuchsite is a good choice. It is very effective if you are especially sensitive to the negative emotions, tensions, and energies of those around you. Fuchsite can then provide insight into your own boundaries when it comes to relationships. 

Linked to the Heart chakra, Fuchsite promotes relaxation, creativity, and positivity and magnifies your focus and intention. With this beautiful crystal, sparkle some fairy dust into your life and see the world differently! 


For all the Aquarius out there, Fuchsite resonates the best with you! You love to be surrounded by people and are servile and helpful in nature. Your helpful Aquarius side is of course a beautiful trait; however, it can easily make you oversee the true nature of your relationships with others. Use Fuchsine to gain insight!

Conscious Contributor: Zeynep Kizilirmak