Full Moon in Aries - Transformative Challenges

This Saturday, 13 October 2019, at 23:07 Amsterdam time there will be a Full Moon falling in the sign of Aries. If you have felt some cosmic tensions since the beginning of this month which made you feel easily frustrated or overwhelmed, there are good news for you! Even though the October’s full moon may still trigger personal or relationship challenges, the energy of Aries is going to bring relief and provide fruitful opportunities for growth, transformation and happiness.  Especially the influence of the star constellation Andromeda and the on-going influence of the last new moon add an extra portion of love and fortune to this full moon.

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Full Moon

A full moon occurs when the the moon is opposite the sun. These opposing forces can have strong impacts on your emotions and you might often feel torn between what you want and what your soul actually needs. The combination of internal tensions and external pressures often lead to conflicts that drain your energy. 

During a full moon our emotions and intuition reach its peak. We become more taken up by our emotions and our intimate relationships come more into the centre of our attention which lasts for the following two weeks until the next new moon circle. We can always use this increased emotional strength and subconscious awareness to deal with challenges in our personal life or in relationships.

Full Moon In Aries

The particular constellation of the Full Moon at 20°13’ in Aries makes two particularly strong planetary aspects. While the full moon square Pluto brings intense and challenging emotions, the moon trine Jupiter creates exciting opportunities and makes this full moon a particular positive one. 

The full moon square Pluto might release some repressed or deeply buried emotions that are difficult to control and might lead to destructive behaviours and emotional struggles. These struggles do not only affect our inner wellbeing, but also our relationships with others. These days, old secrets can be exposed and even jealousy, manipulation, bullying or violence can be experienced. 

 However, the full moon trine Jupiter brings positive energy and makes it even possible to reverse the negative influences of the moon square Pluto and turn them into an opportunity to grow and transform. While the impacts of the full moon square Pluto are marked by unconsciousness and denial of feelings and emotions, Jupiter allows us to transform our negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones and encourages us to share them with others.

Sensations of honesty, open-mindedness and respect provided by the full moon trine to Jupiter influence our relationships to others on all levels. Not only intimate relationships benefit from our intensified social awareness, but also successful business partnerships can emerge through our increased understanding and openness. 

Jupiter semisextile Pluto is a minor planetary aspect that decisively contributes to the power of this full moon by linking the two major opposed planetary aspects and decisively urges to make positive changes, reform and transform. The resulting feelings of power and influence strengthen the full moon’s transformative force and facilitate spiritual and personal growth as well as professional advancement. 

Star Constellation Andromeda

This full moon gets a lot of its power from the star constellation Andromeda, also called the Chained Woman. Influenced by this constellation, the full moon promotes purity of thought, virtue, dignity and overall love and reconciliation.  

Aries Star Sign

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is generally driven by leadership and authenticity; Aries is striving to show up to the world free of attachments and insecurities. Given that Aries is a fire sign, this fire quality presents itself also during the full moon in the tendency to rush, force and jump into things headfirst. While these characteristics are often associated with carelessness, the Aries energy motivates us to break free from things that does not really serve us and ensures that we are acting from a place of love rather than ego or the tendency to overthink. 


Driven by the opposed planetary aspects, the energy of the Aries full moon encourages us not to deny our feelings and to remain unaware of your own deepest emotions. According to the spirit of the energetic Aries, this full moon is a particularly lucky one and provides us with amazing opportunities despite some initial challenges. The Aries energy ensures that we are not devoting our true selves to our ego that might mislead another person’s energy. In that sense, the full moon embarks its transformative power as it encourages us to take action and make essential changes. 

Listen to your inner voice

Now is the perfect time to check in with yourself: What limitations have prevented me from moving forward? What thoughts or beliefs have been blocking my mind and were standing in my way? This full moon invites you to see all the little insecurities coming along the way for the illusions they are and to think outside the box. Instead of seeking confrontations, this full moon actually asks you to reflect on your independence and the feelings hidden deep inside of you. By listening to your intuition and inner voice, the full moon can trigger you to finally have a long denied conversation or reach a compromise, which, after all, brings you the relief you were seeking for.

It’s okay to say no

Especially after having felt a little bit overwhelmed or held back lately, this full moon is your time to say no and to free yourself from all the boundaries you perceive you do not need. May it be in your personal life or at work - now is your chance spread your wings and take the path that feels right for you!

Take time for some self-care

Now that you are aware that you might face some challenging conversations or situations this time, it is important to take some preventive actions. Reflecting on our thoughts and catching up with our feeling can be harder than you think. Take some time for some mindful moments and be kind to yourself. Especially, writing your thoughts on paper has proven to be a great way to get rid of tensions and emotions that no longer serve you and help you to become clearer of your feeling. Try to write for at least 15 minutes every day and let go of everything that is bothering you. 

Organs influenced by Aries Moon Sign:

Head, teeth, tongue, striated muscles, penis, gall bladder, arteries, blood

These organs are now more sensitive so provide them with extra care.

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Written by Annika Heinemeyer

Astrology King
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