Full Moon in Taurus: Transformation and Uncertainty

Full Moon in Taurus: Uncertainty and Transformation  

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On October 24th, the Full Moon this time in sign of Taurus will peak again! Whereas the New Moon on the 9th of October was all about new beginnings and retrials, the experiences and events from the Libra New Moon will now reach their climax as the Taurus Full Moon will make us doubtful about these changes. 

“The Full Moon happens each time the Sun is exactly opposite to the Moon. The polarity in their position is thus reflected in the polarities in life—home versus work, needs versus desires, internal versus external pressures, and so on. These conflicts naturally become very exhausting at this time.” – Consciousreminder 

Taurus Full Moon 

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The Taurus energy in combination with the full moon does not like change and therefore brings out uncertainty in us. On the other hand, this Full Moon also brings change and transformation especially in relationships. Since emotional strength is going to be high, you’ll have the ability to deal with any problem coming your way! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to turn “doubts into commitments and ambiguities into certainties” – Consciousreminder 

Alongside emotional strength, during this Full Moon period you’ll also gain more clarity—any imbalance and disharmony will be more visible. Use this to your advantage to improve your life!

Full Moon Healing Circle 

The Conscious Club provides a great way to heal and let go! On the 24th of October, from 8:00 PM till 9:00 PM the event Full Moon Healing Circle takes place. Together with Maaike Aker you can discover the power of a full moon mantra meditation. For further information, you can visit our events page! 

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Conscious Contributor: Zeynep Kizilirmak