Pink Full Moon in Scorpio

Pink Full Moon in Scorpio


This month’s Full Moon will be one of the most magical and potent ones of the year! Monday the 30th marks the arrival of this Pink Full Moon in Scorpio. This Pink Moon gets its name from Native American tribes because of the little pink flowers called 'Wild Ground Phlox' that appear in the meadows at this time of the year.  

If you are looking for some more success and stability this month, this Pink Moon is here to help you out!

This is because April’s Full Moon will bring lots of benefits to the table through planet Saturn, which means being more prepared, steady, determined and successful! A Full Moon always draws things out of us and awakens parts that need to be cleared. But, under the presence of the Scorpio Full Moon, we are being encouraged to do this in a way that will transform us even more.

“The Scorpio Full Moon is always deeply transformative and is one of the best times for letting go and cleansing away things that no longer serve you.” - Forever Conscious


Scorpio Energy

Scorpio represents death, rebirth, and unconditional love. It also represents the stages of consciousness, or the peeling back of layers. At the core layer, Scorpio energy brings us the power of unconditional love, but on the surface layers, Scorpio can bring us ego and greed. 

Full Moons are revelatory, and Scorpio sees into the hidden bones, the underpinnings, of things. Scorpio energy has the potential to move and shift to where it is needed, which is why having the Full Moon in this sign can be so powerful and also so personal. Because of Moon sextile Saturn, you will feel protective of your family and partner. This will show through how much you care for them in practical ways. For example by giving them nourishment through food, a shoulder to cry on and by giving them shelter. That's why during this full moon it will be the perfect time to share deeper emotions. So try to connect with your loved ones and show them how much you care! 

The Relation with April's New Moon

“A full moon has a relationship to the previous new moon. Your April 16 new moon goals can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time. You can make emotional adjustments in response to those new goals.” - AstrologyKing

This is the perfect full moon to complement the April’s New Moon because the major theme of that new moon was making a positive change in your life. It was all about standing up for yourself and picking your battles wisely. The April 30 full moon now brings the stability and security to crystallise recent changes and make them permanent improvements. This is a good full moon for making new partnerships binding, formal and legal. It is a good full moon for tradition, ritual and ceremony.

Full Moon Healing Circle.png

If you find it hard to implement these rituals into your own life, we can make it easy for you by joining our Full Moon Meditation on the 29th, the Sunday before the Full Moon. In this meditation we will focus on letting go of the old whilst making room for the new.

It is always good to take moment and look back at your progress. New projects, relationships and partnerships since the April 16 new moon have a good chance of success. This is all because that new moon aligned with a fixed star is associated with preparedness, steadiness, determination and final success. Full Moon April 2018 sextile Saturn is an excellent omen because Saturn rules preparedness, steadiness, determination and final success.

Be prepared and make sure you will get the most out of all these magical benefits!


Conscious Contributor: Nina Cornelissen

Forever Conscious