Get ready for the annual spring-clean of your house and yourself!

Get ready for the annual spring-clean of your house and yourself!


Spring is almost here! The birds are singing, the sun is out, the days are getting longer and the crocuses are starting to blossom. Our bodies are feeling a shift in energy as we slowly say goodbye to the hibernation period that is winter.

We are starting to get a little bit restless and feel the need to make space for the new season. And rightly so! All of those Netflix marathons and indoor relaxation sessions have left us feeling a little bit sluggish.

A shift from winter to spring is an annual ritual that comes in many forms, one celebrated by all walks of life. When spring comes, warm temperatures and rain help plants to bloom and set insects abuzz. Just like us, most animals are sensitive to changes in day length and respond to this. They use the length of the day as an environmental cue because it changes throughout the year in a regular pattern, a good indicator for navigation and when to lay eggs!

This transition from winter to spring is an important time of renewal, in nature, in our relationships, but also in our bodies and our home. A perfect moment for the annual spring-clean of your house and yourself!

Get ready to cleanse your body

The element wood represents spring according to Chinese medicine and supporting the organs (liver and gallbladder) that are associated with wood during a time of transition can help them function better. This is why I chose to go alcohol free during the month of March, to gently cleanse and detoxify my liver.

Picking up healthier eating habits and being more physically active will help you change gear in the new season. On an emotional level this means letting go of resentments and frustrations, so you make way for new beginnings.

On a more spiritual level it’s also really good to clean your energetic body. You can do this when you take a shower and give this ritual a magical twist!

Step 1: When you are in the shower, put on some mantra music, check out our Spotify playlist with mantras here. Feel what resonates best with you, I can recommend “Ra Ma Da Sa” by Snatam Kaur for total healing.

Step 2: Cut all astral ties that are not for your highest and greatest good. In Holland we have a few beautiful sayings that reflect on these energetic cords (without many of us realising they have a spiritual meaning) like “een lijntje uitgooien” or “ik heb een lijntje lopen met iemand”. These sayings can be translated to “throw a line”, or “I have a tie with someone”.

We make a lot of connections in life, but some of them are no longer of use, or some of those old connections we really don’t want anymore.

So how do we fix that?

We focus on the solar plexus area, which is located beneath your heart. It’s the energetic area where all cords connect. When we’ve located our solar plexus, we can ask either the divine, Archangel Michael or Jesus to locate all astral ties and cut them, or you can do it yourself.

When you take matters into your own hands say to yourself “locate all astral ties”, and imagine you group all these astral ties from east and west, north and south, into a small bundle towards your solar plexus area.

Now say “all astral ties that are not for my greatest and highest good, cut off, cut off, cut off” and literally use your hand as a sword to cut off those unbeneficial astral ties from your solar plexus.

Solar Plexus Area

Solar Plexus Area

Step 3: Rinse off the day and the negative energy down the drain. While you are at it, you can choose to imagine sparkles of light rinsing your whole body from head to toe, as if you take a shower of light. Wash your hair too if the energy feels heavy!



Change the flow of energy in your home

We need to clear away stagnant energy that has accumulated around us during the stillness of winter. With the change of the temperatures a good reason to open all the windows and let some new fresh air in!

Clean your home
Literally cleaning your house with non-toxic cleaning products will get all that old energy out of the way, and as the windows are open, this old energy has a way to get out of your house as well. While you are cleaning it’s a good time to get rid of clutter. Let go of items in your home that are broken or not bringing you joy. It’s the natural flow of the universe to make room for new growth, so give this transition some space.

After this whole session of getting rid of clutter and cleaning your house, it’s good to end with a smudging session.

What is smudging? Smudging is a ceremony practiced by various religions that involves the burning of sacred herbs, in some cases for spiritual cleansing or blessing.

I use a smudge stick like white sage, burn the holy wood Palo Santo, or Frankincense or Myrrh on a charcoal tablet in the space you are in. You can start with the corners and ask for divine protection, it can be anyone that resonates you'd like to help clear the space. After the corners you can go through the rest of the space, make sure your windows are still open so the smoke and the energy can get out. During smudging make sure you raise the vibration in the room by playing mantra music (playlist: here), it will be your guardian during the smudging session!



Plants are your friends
Getting some new plants in for fresh energy and more oxygen is always a good idea. Did you know that plants actually help you restore the energy balance in your house? A great help when the energy is feeling off!




Don’t forget, the frequency at which our homes vibrate determines the type of energy that we draw toward ourselves! Happy spring cleaning!


Conscious Contributor: Elizabeth Plokker

Elizabeth is co-owner of
The Conscious Club and works in the background as a modern day shamanic healer and energetic architect. Born with a spiritual toolbox of claircognizance, clairsentience and clairvoyance her world opened to paranormal experiences at a very young age. She speaks ancient spiritual languages which enables her to transfer the source of darkness into light.