Kyanite: The Crystal of Control

Kyanite: The Crystal of Control

Life can get a bit overwhelming sometimes. There can be moments when fear overwhelms you and you lose your balance. Or you simply have a few bad habits which stagger your development. Use Kyanite to take back the reins of your life!


Kyanite is an aluminum silicate mineral that occurs in multiple colors such as pink, orange, gray, and yellow. The most common colors are black, green, and blue streaked with white. With this crystal, you don’t have to worry that you’ll carry a crystal around with a color you don’t like! 

This healing crystal restores balance and stimulates spirituality and intuition. The calming and balancing property of the crystal brings inner peace and helps you to break free from your habits, blockades, and fears that are holding you back. With this tranquil restoration in your soul, the crystal encourages freedom of the mind. With such freedom, you can realize that you do have some power over your own life. For those who have fallen into a cycle of fear and bad habits or have lost their focus, Kyanite helps you to take back the reins and get back on track. 

Like the Lapis crystal, Kyanite has a strong effect on the Throat and the Third Eye Chakra, which makes this stone also good for self-expression and communication. To read the article about Lapis you can click here

On the physical level, Kyanite can have a positive effect on the brains, muscles, motor skills, thyroid gland, (side) kidneys, throat, and larynx.  

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With Taurus as your sign, you are quite determined and steadfast. These are fine qualities and even though you are the ideal best friend and partner someone can hope for, your ability to be patient can also become your downfall: your steadfastness and patience make the perfect recipe for fear of change. Kyanite encourages you to leave your comfort zone and try out new things. It can open up your intuition and restore the balance of your Taurus energy when it becomes difficult to leave your safe space. Use Kyanite to encourage yourself to go with the flow of life!  


The term Kyanite comes from kuanos or kyanos which is Greek for “deep blue”. Blue Kyanite was most likely back in the day also the most common variety which is why it is named after the color. 

An interesting fact about Kyanite is that it is quite a valuable gem in the industrial world: from high refractory porcelains and bricks to brake shoes, grinding wheels, and bathrooms, Kyanite crystals are used. 

Conscious Contributor: Zeynep Kizilirmak