Moonstone: The Crystal of Calm

Moonstone: The Crystal of Calm


For all the moon lovers out there, this crystal is for you! With its silver-white reflection, the appearance of this crystal is so alike the moon that it’s been named after it. The crystal varies between the colors of pearly white, yellow, blue, and it always has its significant pearly luster. 

The Moonstone, as a healing crystal, has various effects: from enhancing intuition and fertility to stimulating sleep. There is almost nothing this crystal can’t do! It calms and encourages serendipity. Because of its calming properties, the crystal is ideal for those who have nightmares or have trouble sleeping at night. It soothes your mind, encourages sleep, and drives away nightmares. Moonstone is even used to treat sleepwalking!

Besides stimulating sleep, Moonstone also has a balancing property. It dispels negative energy from all chakras and restores balance in mind, body, and soul. Since Moonstone has a strong effect on the Sacral Chakra, it has a positive effect on the reproductive organs and fertility. If you seek support for your pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, menstrual problems, or hormonal changes such as puberty and menopause, Moonstone is the perfect healing crystal for you!  

Physically, Moonstone can also be used to eliminate toxins in your body, treat digestion problems, and fluid accumulation. 


Moonstone is the birthstone of Cancer. Since Cancers are ruled by the moon, their intuition is stronger than others. Moonstone further enhances this Cancer quality of intuition and stimulates to reach your goals and desires!

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Since ancient times, Moonstone has been used as a talisman of protection for travelers especially with night travels, which is why it also went by the name of Traveler’s Stone. In the Roman empire and even longer in the Orient, the beautiful stone has been used as a jewelry. Moonstone was also a popular jewelry choice during the Art Nouveau period.  In India, however, the stone had been considered more sacred and was used to represent gods and goddesses, and till this day the stone is given as a traditional wedding gift. In Europe, it was believed that Moonstone could be used as a remedy for insomnia and reconcile lovers. 

Conscious contributor: Zeynep Kizilirmak


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