New Moon in Libra: Rebirth and Love

New Moon in Libra: Rebirth and Love

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On the 9th of October, a New Moon will once again rise! This New Moon falls in the sign of Libra and stands for new beginnings, retrials, and love.  

With this Libra New Moon, you get the opportunity to be reborn together with the moon! As it is the start of a new cycle, new moons typically stand for new beginnings. So, if you want to leave something behind and need a clean slate, it is the perfect time to do so! However, this Libra New Moon is also ideal for those who wish to redo certain aspects of their life. 

“If you have been looking to get out of a rut, looking to redo areas of your life or just looking for a greater sense of purpose, this New Moon is going to help.” – Forever Conscious 

Libra New Moon

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This Libra New Moon amplifies the power of Venus since it occurs only a few days after Venus turns retrograde on the 5th of October. The influence of Venus, as the planet of love, together with the Libra New Moon will open up our senses and make us reflect on our current relationships, values, and our self-love. Though the majority of people associate love with caring for someone else, it is also important to have self-love! Remember that living mindfully starts with an unconditional love and acceptance of yourself. You first need self-love in order to be able to care for someone else and the world around you. 

Since this New Moon can also cause emotional triggers, remember to be gentle to yourself!

New Moon Healing Circle 

The Conscious Club provides a great way to start fresh! On the 7th of October, from 4:00 PM till 5:00 PM the event New Moon Healing Circle takes place. Together with Maaike Aker you can discover the power of a new moon mantra meditation. For further information, you can visit our events page! 

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Conscious Contributor: Zeynep Kizilirmak