New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius and Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog


New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

The New Moon symbolizes new beginnings and a fresh start, making it the ideal time to make wishes, set new intentions, and plant new seeds. Watch them bloom and grow throughout the remainder of the moon’s cycle.

The Chinese New Year always begins with the Aquarius new moon. On February 15th, hang the red lanterns and get ready for a second celebration as the Chinese Lunar New Year begins! The Fire Rooster passes the torch to the loyal and communal Earth Dog until February 4, 2019. Starting Thursday, we may all begin to feel a bit more grounded as the Dog marches in and initiates two years that will be ruled by the earth element.

This new moon asks: Can you turn your Personal Goals into Pack oriented Goals? This means a palpable shift is occurring, a recognition that all has brought us to the precipice of this moment right now. To step through we must bring mindful awareness to what this moment is asking of us. This New Moon is a reset toward a different level of experience. The shift is precisely in our outlook and our direct engagement with Life before us, around us and within us which relates to the Pack Oriented Goals of the Earth Dog. 

Aquarius is the star sign of hopes and dreams—equipping us all with visionary powers par excellence. As the sign of the Water Bearer, Aquarius also represents community and idealism. Connect your personal goals to something greater, and you won't have to struggle to find your willpower.

No person is an island, and the Aquarius new moon reminds us of our need to share our energy with others in healthy ways—beyond the cubicle or the local coffee shop. Innovative Aquarius can inspire us to seek out new ways of sharing our days with like-minded people, in atmospheres that nurture our creativity and individuality.

This will helps us to let go but to get there we must leave behind the imprints and patterns of the past. This New Moon carries a strong sense of karmic resolution and requires that we release attitudes and circumstances that have been interfering with our evolutionary progress.