New Moon in Leo: Rebirth and Connection

New Moon in LEO: Rebirth and Connection

With the new moon coming up on the 11th of August a lot of changes are coming up so get ready for a ride and hold on tight! The past moon phases have affected us very deeply and brought unresolved situations from our past, basically the universe have been playing with our emotions. Thankfully, this new moon has a little surprise for us and it will deliver the long-awaited transformations that we have been expecting.

Time of Rebirth

While the new moon peeps through the clouds and the sky above us it will reveal a new energy. This energy will let you improve yourself and become a better version of you, if you follow the signs closely. With this new energy flow, it will be the time of rebirth and recalibration! You might feel disconnected from your base and lost in the jungle but going through this update period will lead you to a better path as time passes. 

Currently, it might be difficult to see what is in harmony with your improved version but finding the little components that works for you will create a clearer journey towards clarity and a peace of mind. As we know with every update there is an adjustment period which is just how life works. So, take your time and listen to yourself to have an easy start. Remember to accept change as it is always good to have some difference. This will only lead to greatness and revolution! 😊


With the Leo season, our needs of connection and the feeling of being wanted might overpower your other feelings. As this season suggests we are only humans and we all need love and connection. The lion inside us wants some attention and is roaring loudly to the passengers in our hearts. Delightedly, by connecting to your spiritual side you can feed the attention-hungry lion and make it smile! Just allow yourself to connect with the sweet sweet universe as it always finds a way to support you and your needs.

A Useful Tip

Already too much is going on in our lives and during these important times it would be good if you take a moment to breath, slowdown from the speedy lifestyle and try to fall in step with the new flow. If you feel overwhelmed, you probably are handling your responsibilities at the wrong time and doing too much simultaneously. Make sure you assess which happenings and tasks are worthy of your energy, so you can focus on the ones that are actually important. These actions will help you to simplify your life and harmonize with the new moon energy!


Conscious Contributor: Natalie Tekin
Sources: MysticMamma