Rhodochrosite: The Crystal of Love 

Rhodochrosite: The Crystal of Love 

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The crystal of unconditional love: Rhodochrosite. Varying form a raspberry-pink to a rose-red color, this crystal does not only carry the color of love but also evokes love. 

As soft as the color it emanates, Rhodochrosite makes you all cheesy and bubbly. Associated strongly with the heart chakra, this crystal makes you lively, loving, positive, and spontaneous. Release your energy blockages and let the playful side come out! For all the single ladies and gentlemen out there, this gem gives universal love and attracts love relationships ;) Perhaps you don’t seek a relationship or if you’re lucky you’ve already found the one? You can then use Rhodochrosite to stimulate and improve your self-love! 


The Rhodochrosite stone is especially fitting and powerful for Scorpios. Though Scorpios are passionate, independent, and loyal, they can switch from happy to angry in a matter of seconds. The quick reactions are why Scorpios can come through as intense in social circles. With the use of Rhodochrosite, these Scorpio switches can be maintained more easily as it stimulates love and calms down heightened emotions! 


The name Rhodochrosite refers to the color of the crystal: derived from the Greek word rhodos, meaning “rose” and khros, meaning “color”. The crystal can be traced as far back as to the Incas who referred to the gem as Rosa del Incaor Rosincameaning “Inca Rose”. Legend goes that Rhodochrosite is created with the blood of the Inca kings and queens. Since the most important mines for this crystal are located in Argentina, Rhodochrositehas been declared the national gemstone of the country.

Conscious Contributor: Zeynep Kizilirmak