Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Wanderlust & True Desires

Tomorrow on May 29th there will be a Full Moon in the fiery sign of Sagittarius, the zodiac's most intrepid voyager. This Full Moon is going to be opening our minds, expanding our hearts, and encouraging us to take that leap of faith!


"A full moon always compels your most complex feelings to surface, where you are forced to reckon with them. If there are aspects of your life that aren't working for you, a full moon will make sure you realise it." - Forever Conscious

Because the full moon is in Sagittarius, a mutable fire sign with an insatiable desire to explore the great unknown, your ability to take risks comes into question. You may find yourself asking questions like: "Am I living truly my life to the fullest? What is holding me back from following my true desires?". If you don't like your answer, then its time to fan your flames and run far away from your comfort zone.  Thankfully this Full Moon is here to help you out to get in touch with your true desires. From here it becomes possible to think about how we can upgrade and shift our lives to a new level.  

On this full moon, consider the ways in which you are feeling held back from following your true desires. How does fear control your life? Fear is an abstract concept that can take your safety a little too seriously. Nothing truly meaningful in life occurs without at least an ounce of fear. Remember that fear is not something to be avoided; it's something to be embraced. Learning to live in spite of your fear will take you places you never dreamed you'd go! 

This Sagittarius full moon will open you up to the many possibilities in your future, whether it's about travelling or personal steps. It's easy to get bogged down by a five-year plan, a narrow-minded goal, or all around low expectations for your life. However small you may be thinking, a Sagittarius always thinks big — bigger than what even seems humanly possible..

"Contemplate a world much larger than your own and realize just how much there is for you to explore. Think of the daydreams that you escape into on the daily. Why must they remain daydreams? They can easily become reality if you put one foot in front of the other and make it happen. If you've always dreamed of visiting the ancient pyramids of Giza, why not begin the process of traveling there? If you've always dreamed of being a singer with a large crowd bellowing your songs, start practicing the guitar." - EliteDaily

With all of this in mind, it's time to do something dramatic, spirited, and free, something that imbues this full moon with a memory you'll never forget. Whatever it is, there's no better time than a full moon in Sagittarius to set aside your fears and inhibitions and do what you've always dreamed of doing. In fact, your desire for something wild and spontaneous will be so strong that you probably won't have any fear in the first place.


Adventure Time! 

The Sagittarius is a true explorer and adventurer. Surf the travel blogs and commune with your inner nomad. If you could go anywhere on the planet, where would you drop your next pin? Would you backpack through the Amazon in Brazil? Do a Yoga Retreat in Portugal? Or discover the beautiful beaches in Asia? Wherever your internal compass points you, start researching in earnest. 

And while there's nothing quite so expansive or eye-opening as being in foreign places, this might not be an immediate option. Besides, wherever you go, there you are—even if you DO discover new aspects of your personality when they are mirrored by the influence of diverse cultures. There are others ways to journey! You could travel in the figurative sense by joining a mind-blowing book club, signing up for a workshop, or meditating with a shamanic track playing in the background. Just go out there this week and travel outside of your comfort zone! 


Conscious Contributor: Nina Cornelissen

Forever Conscious