Topaz: The Crystal of Manifestation

Topaz: The Crystal of Manifestation

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If you just need a gentle push to get things done and manifest your plans into realizations, Topaz is the key! 

This crystal occurs in a wide range of colors: clears, blues, goldens, pinks, purples, browns, and even rutilated—you’ll definitely not get bored of Topaz. What makes Topaz even more special is the fact that the benefits are as beautiful as its colors. 

Topaz blesses you with courage, wisdom, and success in all endeavors. Not only does the crystal help you set goals, it also helps you to achieve those goals. With its manifestation property, Topaz has the ability to manifest your desires into reality. However, if you have no idea what you want and seek help in finding your own path, Topaz is there for you too! 

Topaz also promotes empathy, openness, honesty, truth, joy, and prosperity and balances the energy channels (meridians). Physically, the stone balances digestion and metabolism. But it also strengthens the nerves and stimulates combustion processes. 


For all the Sagittarius out there, Topaz is a great stone for you! With a great curiosity of the world and the desire to find a passion, Sagittarius are the best adventurers amongst us. But sometimes, it’s not easy to find a passion even if your Sagittarius spirit longs for it. In that case, Topaz can be very handy as it also stimulates to find your path!  



There are various beliefs about the origins of the name Topaz: while some believe that the name comes from topazos derived from the name of the Topazios island, others believe that it is derived from the Sanskrit word tapazor topas which means “fire”. 

To the Egyptians Topaz symbolized Ra, the sun god. Ra was the giver of life and fertility and Topaz was therefore considered as a powerful energy stone. The Hindus mainly believed in the protective properties of the gem. In antiquity, used mainly as a talisman, Topaz was believed to cure inflammations and sleepwalking. To the African Bushmen, Topaz is regarded as sacred and is used mainly in ceremonial rituals and shamanic work. 

Conscious contributor: Zeynep Kizilirmak