Barbara Falorni - Yin Yoga

Barbara Falorni - Yin Yoga

Barbara was born in Italy. She majored in art history and travelled around as a theater performer before arriving in Amsterdam in 1995. 

The chance to run a child care came into her path and being a yoga practitioner she got a degree in children’s yoga and baby massage. She implemented these practices in the daily routine of the children. However, Barbara’s need for personal growth and her constant curiosity led her to develop further in these skills—she became a massage therapist. 

Three years ago, she came across Thomas Myers and the Anatomy Trains. Barbara was fascinated with his view on fascia and she started practicing yin yoga. Soon afterwards, she followed a 200h teacher training. 

Barbara then realized how her life experiences were actually complementary: body anatomy, fascia releasing, yin yoga, spiritual insights, shamanism melted in an organic form of work. Both in her massage sessions and in her classes, Barbara creates and holds the space, allowing the body to become aware of its acquired patterns and release the memories, tensions, knowledge, and wisdom that is retained in its textures. 

Barbara focuses on the shift from doing to feeling, from controlling to letting go, from yang to yin. She aims to restore and regenerate the balance between body, mind, and energy.