Every Wednesday at The Conscious Club, Consciousness In The City - The Ultimate mindfulness series for busy people. Four different mindfulness journeys for your perfect monthly dosis with Simone Heijhoff and Annelies Vette.



The ultimate mindfulness journey for busy people

Only when you take care of yourself can you be at your best. Only when you are at your best, you can give your best to others. In the midst of modern stress, we all need time and space to be with ourselves. We need moments to unplug and recharge. With good energy levels we can be more successful in every aspect of our lives.


An alert, calm and aware state of being. In which you experience life with open attention, kindness and wisdom, from moment to moment.

Extensive moderns research shows that mindfulness reduces stress levels. Trains your brain to more concentration, better focus and memory. And increases emotional intelligence skills that improves your relationships. In other words, mindfulness is something that helps you to optimize your live.

In this returning cycle of four classes we will work with different aspects of your being. With each new date a newly designed class.


These sessions are focused on the experiences of our senses and our body. Our bodies are fantastic ‘vehicles’ that often do not get enough attention. In our busy modern lifestyles we simply do not create the time for ourselves. Come and enjoy a full hour of attention for yourself, so that your body can relax….

Sometimes our own thoughts almost drive us crazy. How does this work and how can we influence this? This week we will share insights about the brain and how it functions. Knowing more about this will help your understand how important it is to take care of your mental health. We will share practices to tame your busy monkey mind.

Our emotions drive our behavior from a subconscious level. There are hundreds of different emotions. It is important to know and understand our own feelings. More clarity about our automatic reaction patterns will help us to make more aware choices in reacting to certain things. Being connected with your emotions will improve the connection with yourself and is beneficial for your relationships with others too.

The most important person in our lives, is the person we look at in the mirror. Yet, this also the person we often criticize the most. Telling ourselves that we are not good enough, are not worthy or should achieve more. Both our inner and outer world can be challenging places. How do you keep your cool when everything that is going on, is just simply very much at times. In this class we focus on work-life balance and give practical tools to deal with stress as a powerful asset.


About Simone Heijhoff:
Simone already enjoyed silence at a young age and made school papers about monks. Caught up by life, she was one of those busy people chasing a career and material wealth. After ‘crashing’ with a burn-out she got fascinated about what had happened and what it means to be a human being. She loves to share her knowledge and experience to inspire others to take good care of themselves and their loved ones. “Being ambitious and endeavor are great. As long as you take good care and relax too. Life should be lived with great responsibility to make it a worthwile adventure”.

Simone studied in India, London and the United States. She is one of the few Search Inside Yourself  Teachers (Minfulness Leadership Program, developed within Google) and an instructor in the WHM- method (the iceman). She works as a corporate mindfulness trainer and (executive) coach: www.youki.nl

About Annelies Vette:
For years I worked as an HR professional in large corporations, where I focused on advising and coaching management.  At a certain point, I realized that I was completely out of balance. I started practicing yoga and mindfulness, and through this I developed a deeper self-awareness. I made a promise to myself that I would only do things that I love and inspire me. I took the big plunge and following my heart is what I do today: I’m a coach and trainer, and by inspiring others I get inspired!

Date: Every Wednesday
Time: 20:00-21:00