"The Conscious Business Club brings employees together, improves morale, and makes them more productive."

According to the AFLAC Workforce Report, employees who took part in a workplace wellness program are more satisfied at their jobs than those who don’t partake. The people who engaged in their companies program were generally more content overall with work related factors. This is because healthy living don't just make you look good, but nourishes the way you feel as well! Find out more what The Conscious Business Club can do for your company.


build community

Grow the sense of community by 32%

Group activities that involve health and exercise will get you connected not only more to your company, but to your fellow employees as well. You’ll start to form relationships that haven’t been available to you before because having a wellness program in place engages all members of the company. That being said, everyone will benefit from the shared experiences and your social health can thrive.


stress LESS

Reduce stress and burn-out symptoms with 50%

One of the key factors in health and wellness is learning stress management. Especially if you work in a high demand job, things can get difficult and it’s best to tackle them at the source. When we are stressed, we are more likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors and destroy our mental health. Activities that encourage mindfulness, social engagement and exercise can all help an employee feel relieved of daily built up stress. 


achieve more

Increase productivity and creativity with 20%

Engaging in workplace wellness activities, like exercise and eating well, increases employee productivity and performance. Your brain will be better focused for tasks, and you’ll feel more energized and motivated to accomplish work. You’ll learn to shift into a healthy conscious mindset that benefits you. Food choices and workout schedules will be positively influenced because of your atmosphere.


"Often, it’s not about becoming a new person but becoming the person you were meant to be, and already are, but don’t know how to be."

The Conscious Club has a highly skilled professional team with the perfect program for you. You'll find new ways to energize, make space to focus and learn to unwind. Balancing your own energy efficiently, so you can reach your full potential in all aspects of life!



Do you want to lead an amazing, fulfilled and high-quality life? You can find relief by opening your mind and heart to break out of old routines and start approaching daily life differently. The Conscious Business Club has personalized coaching for engagement, vitality and empowerment. Start improving and energizing your life today!




Taking a step back from the daily grind truly allows your mind to view the bigger picture. In return you find clarity in a world that is otherwise full of chaos. When you’re a small piece of the puzzle you can’t see how everything fits together. It is when you take a that step back that everything becomes clear and your ability to problem solve with creativity is enriched.



A short ‘vacation’ from the hustle and bustle of your typical work-day can help reignite the passion you had for your job in the early days of employment. Capture that spirit by taking regular, relaxing breaks from your daily routine.

A regular practice in body, mind and spirit improves your sleep at night, relieves stress and anxiety.