The World Is In Need Of A Workation.

The Conscious Business Club re-frames work as an opportunity for talent retention and talent acquisition.

One out of 5 employees in Amsterdam are suffering from burn-out complaints, costing your business more than €300,- per day per employee.

We asked ourselves: "If Buddha was HR, what would he do with the problems you are facing today?". The answer is easy.
Although Buddha is not responsible for the life balance of his employees, he would focus on what is in his ability to change and see it as an opportunity.

As HR you are automatically responsible for your employees in tracking performance, learning and development programs, talent retention, talent acquisition, strategic workforce planning, secondary benefits and illness reduction.

And this is where The Conscious Business Club comes in! We take care of your biggest asset and turn it into a thriving workforce. One contact person for a tailor-made program, navigating your crew into the direction you want. You will be captain of the coolest boat on the water, your top crew will want to stay on board, and the best will want to hop on!

Thank God It's Monday

A different perspective to work.



my work became #metime

"Me time, is an opportunity and time for oneself to recover, think and rest."

Reduce stress and burn-out symptoms with 50% by offering your employees a tailor-made personal development program for body, mind and spirit.

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my boss became my #guru

"Guru, is someone who is a teacher, mentor, guide, expert or master in a certain field."

Develop a thriving workforce by providing your team with customized workshops, masterclasses and consultancy.


my office became a #retreat

"Retreat, is a place affording peace, quiet, privacy, or security."

Create beneficial effects on task performance, illness reduction, psychological health and productivity by improving the indoor environment of your office.