Dutch Harvest Hemp Tea

Dutch Harvest is tea from our hemp fields in Groningen. Because local things just taste better…

But there is more. Dutch Harvest has a mission: to inspire you about the exciting opportunities of the hemp plant. A plant that grows incredibly fast, needs no pesticides or other chemical stuff and improves the soil while growing. All different parts of the plant are used for a range of products: from textiles to housing, from food to medicine.

Since the summer of 2015, with the help of many crowdfunders, we can offer you this first hemp tea from Dutch soil. Which, by the way, does not get you stoned! It is made of a hemp variety that does give any psychoactive effect.

After harvesting and drying, we blend our hemp with other herbs (no aroma’s, only real stuff) and have it packed at a social enterprise. The taste? mild, fresh and slightly sweet, with a delicate spicy aftertaste. Try it for yourself!


Dutch Harvest – Simply Hemp: pure, mild infusion of hemp leaves and hemp flowers

Dutch Harvest – Hemp Chai: warm, spicy energizer that includes lemon grass, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom

Dutch Harvest – Hemp & Herbs: relaxing herbal infusion which includes camomile, mint and marigold flowers.

Dutch Harvest – Hemp & Choco: delicious, creamy blend of hemp, cacao, star anise and rose petals


Dutch Harvest on Vimeo