Ecoyogi Philosophy

Yoga and meditation practitioners know the importance of breathing and oxygen for the body. Not only on the mat, but also in day-to-day life. In a world where natural sources are becoming more and more depleted, it is important that we realize we cannot take these 'self-evident truths' for granted.

At Ecoyogi we believe that a sustainable world begins with yourself, and because of that we offer better alternatives for the conscious consumer. This is the philosophy behind the environmentally conscious yoga and meditation collection by Ecoyogi, created for and by passionate yoga and meditation practitioners.

Ecoyogi since 2014

With the products by Ecoyogi, Initiators Peter Rigtering and Gea Grobbe have committed themselves since 2014 to a durable world and a cleaner environment, and invite you to do the same. By choosing consciously during the purchase of new yoga clothing, accessories or a new yoga mat, you are shrinking your ecological footprint and participating in the creation of a better future for our planet.

Eco-friendly products by Ecoyogi

At Ecoyogi you find eco-friendly products for a comfortable yoga or meditation session, such as yoga mats, yoga bags, yoga towels, bolsters, meditation pillows and mats. To us, eco-friendly means that the products are produced sustainably and low-impact, with respect for humans and the environment. In addition, no concessions are made regarding functionality, price or quality. In fact, sustainable products last the longest, in our experience. In this manner, we produce less waste together, and maintain the making of conscious choices available to every yogi.

Three environmental labels

The Ecoyogi products are divided into three different categories with a corresponding colour label, based on characteristics. We distinguish, green, light-green and blue labels, which make choosing consciously easy for the consumer.

  • Ecoyogi products with a green label are 100% biological products and 100% biodegradable.
  • Ecoyogi products with a light-green label are products without harmful substances, and are biodegradable.
  • Ecoyogi products with a blue label are not ecological products, but still are emission-free and sustainable products without harmful or allergenic substances. These products are therefore not biodegradable, but can be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

Ecoyogi is a statement

To us, Ecoyogi is more than a brand, it is a statement. Ecoyogi is for yogis and yogini's who are CONSCIOUSLY conscious. By choosing for our sustainable products you support a green future, while still enjoying the best quality and comfort during your yoga or meditation session.