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EXPO: The Underwater Project

The Underwater Project is created to raise awareness about several water-life problems we are currently in.

Think of the eight million tons of plastic being dumped in the ocean every year which creates a gigantic plastic soup. This effects our sea life directly, as recent statistics state that 90% of the seabirds are eating plastic. The damages are immense, like the plastic bags that are being mistaken for jellyfish by turtles, the colourful bottle caps for food by fish, or even the microplastic being eaten by coral! 

We wanted to organise something local and are working with the Plastic Soup Foundation to clean the waters of Amsterdam. 

From all the photo's sold, we are going to donate 50% of the profits to a special project we created with The Plastic Soup Foundation.

This project is sponsored by Vince & Jules, Vedett, Voldaan Amsterdam, Fotolabkiekie and Southern Comfort!

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