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Free Talk: 5 Simple Steps To Leaving A Legacy

Free Talk: 5 Simple Steps To Leaving A Legacy

Personal development is about opening up to what is really important for you. Tim van der Vliet knows 5 simple but effective steps how to open up and get in contact to your strength. 

"I believe that inspiration can be found everywhere, in your job, in travelling, playing table tennis, football, your children, a lawsuit, the financial markets, your nagging boss and even losing all your money at the financial markets."

This talk will be an introduction to the 2 Day Intensive Training: 5 Simple Steps To Leaving A Legacy. This is a journey from your mind to your heart and one step further: leaving a legacy and changing the world around you.

Tim van der Vliet (author and coach) studied Economics and worked for 13 years full time as a trader in the financial markets, 7 years in the trading pit in Amsterdam and 6 years in high frequency (computer) trading. Now he still spends four hours per month on his trading activities. He completed the CFA program (Chartered Financial Analyst®). He is a financial specialist who learned that there is more to life than just making money. One of the biggest lessons was that a good trader doesn’t have a big ego and stands in between his fear and his overconfidence.

Date: Sunday the 2nd of October
Times: 13:30 - 14:15
Costs: FREE!
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