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Seize Your Life With NLP - 2 day Intensive with Dr. Glynn Ryland

Seize your Life with NLP - 2 day intensive with Glynn Ryland

“Before your desires can manifest in your experience, there must be vibrational compatibility between your desires and your beliefs” – Abraham Hicks.

This award winning course is the result of many years research into human behavior through NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). You will be introduced to over 20 techniques and methods from the world of NLP, applied directly to a personal goal that you want to achieve in your own life.

You will learn:

• How to re-set your belief system to create positive change.

• Sub-conscious mind essentials to keep you motivated and focused.

• How your neurological make-up affects your experience of the world.

• Visualization as a compass to your daily decisions.

• How your habits influence your progress.

• Simple, real-world NLP practices to ignite your passion.

• Your personal representational system for communications.

• The power of your emotions as a tool for change.

• How to spot and transform negative self-talk.

• How to super-charge yourself into to change you want to make.

This course is all about making a change and has been designed for you to work on your own personal goals. You will spend 2 days working directly on hour own specific goal and will leave fully empowered to jump into your next life chapter.

Participants are required to complete pre-course work on your personal outcomes.

Your life Live It is an International NLP coaching company accredited by The International Coaching Federation, The American Board of NLP, The American Board of Hypnotherapy, The International Association of Coaching Institutes and The New Zealand Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming.


The course is presented by Dr Glynn Ryland D Litt Hon

Glynn is a qualified NLP coach and Instructor, a Master Hypno-therapist and Time-Line Therapist with the Your Life Live It global coaching network. Coming from a 20 year media background working for Universal Studios, NBC, MTV, Discovery Channel and Channel 4, Glynn has coached and mentored people throughout his career. Glynn was hired into the Training Department of the BBC for a number of years where he was trained, by the BBC, in how to deliver training courses.

PRICE: €250,-