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Workshop: Energy!

Workshop ENERGY! 
Ready to lift up your energy? 

Deborah (yoga teacher & massage therapist) and Leonie (psychologist & acupuncturist) created a dynamic workshop about how to manage, rebuilt and increase your energy- flow.

We combine powerful and practical elements of yoga, Chinese medicine and psychology into tools and clear insights which enables you to boost your daily life.

Many people feel chronically tired, while we actually have an amazing system inside that provides us natural sustainable energy. We just have to learn a way to work with it.

The following elements will be offered in the workshop:

• Balancing your yin-yang energy: learn to built up your energy storehouse

• Breath work & yoga: learn about activating and restorative yoga and breathing techniques

• Psychology: the mind uses 25 % of our energy resource, learn how to decrease this

• Nutrition: how to gain more energy from food seen from Chinese medicine and old wisdom

Date: Sunday the 23rd of October
Time: 13:00-16:00
Costs: €50,-
(With a minimum of 10 participants)

You can buy tickets here: