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Project Earth: A Journey Through The Indigenous Tribes


Gathering a network of spiritual healers, lightworkers, change agents to facilitate the transformation on earth and to restore the grid of energy around the planet

Saturday, November 26th, 14:00 - 17:00 hrs
Elizabeth Plokker & Quetzal Tzab

We heartily invite you for an afternoon of healing, meditation and inspiration about a project whose time has come: PROJECT EARTH. Many lightworkers, shamans, healers and trainers understand that we have the ability to heal the ‘collective field’ by tuning into it, learning from it and balancing it. We are instruments of love, that are able to spread light by tuning into a higher frequency and literally ‘make love.’ In this way we can embrace darkness, and transform old wounds, war or trauma into fields of light. The time has come to align our lives with the currents of transformation running through this world. Let us bundle forces for the greater good and reconnect with our true nature. Together we will transcend into a new dimension of our ability to heal.


The Program // Start 14:00
- Opening circle
- Introduction The Conscious Club & Project Earth
- Introduction Quetzal Tzab
- Talk about nature and reconnecting
- Indigenous lessons about nature
- Talk about the various traditions


- Start of a journey through the following indigenous tribes through song, sharing and prayer:
..:.. Lakota (Native American)
..:.. Shipibo (Peruvian Amazone)
..:.. Shuar (Ecuador)
..:.. Navajo (New Mexico)
..:.. Huichol (Mexico)
..:.. Maya (South America)
- Closing circle

Elizabeth Plokker is co-owner of The Conscious Club and works in the background as a healer. She speaks ancient spiritual languages which enables her to transfer the source of darkness into light.

Quetzal Tzab is an original Maya and worked closely with Native American Tribes. He studied Indigenous Rights and works for The Indigenous Movement. His vision is to create a world in which the rights, traditions, languages and culture of Indigenous Peoples are respected and given the chance of transcending into future generations. 

We ask for a donation to make this work possible.

Please sign up for the event as there are limited seats available.