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Moon Of The Century

The biggest and brightest super moon of the year is here and it is also the biggest of the century! The moon won't come this close to earth again until 2034, a very powerful way to set your intentions and plant your seeds in the energy of this Full Moon.

In the energy of this full moon, we heartily invite you for an afternoon of healing, meditation, music and chanting.

We're making this a super edition and are bundling forces.
We'll have Ton van der Kroon for a guided meditation, Ram Goossens on Harmonium, Frank Manners with his Singing Bowls, a White Witch Moon Blessing with Shamim Meijs & Charon Tolhuisen, a Sacred Fire Ceremony with Elizabeth Plokker and much more!

We will be doing a small sacred fire ceremony in the Vedic tradition. It is a fire in which forms of the Divine are invoked through the power of mantra and profound spiritual intention. Special offerings are cast into the fire while Sanskrit mantras are chanted, and the combined energy of the fire, offerings, and mantras generates powerful spiritual vibrations that bless and purify everyone present, spreading peace and healing through the world.

The fire ceremony requires some preparation.
Bring 2 pieces of paper to the event.

One paper will contain that you want to let go of:
1. on a personal level
2. for your friends and family
3. for the world

The other paper will contain that what you wish for:
1. on a personal level
2. for your friends and family
3. for the world

Practical information:
- Wear comfortable clothes
- Sign up for the event, limited seats available (max 45 spots)
- Park your bicycles properly ;)

Date: Sunday the 13th of November
Time: 16:00-19:00
Location: The Conscious Club - Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Price: €25,-