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Free Workshop: The Grounding Effects of Taiji Qigong


Taiji Qigong (also known as Shibashi) consists of a series of 18 simple, yet highly effective, exercises which can help
to promote the body’s natural healing energy, reduce stress and create a feeling of well-being. 

Qi Energy
The Chinese have, for thousands of years, been aware of a system of internal energy (Qi) which travel through a
network of meridians or pathways in the body. Each meridian feeds the energetic system of a particular internal organ.
If you think about these pathways as rivers, when a river flows freely everything is fresh but if it becomes stagnant
everything begins to decay as the vitality drains from it. The practice of qigong works to regulate the flow of energy
through these meridians, ensuring you feel fresh, healthy and with positive vitality. 

Ingeborg Worm
Ingeborg practices Yang style and Chen style TaijiQuan en Qi Gong since 1990. In the period of 1997-2000 she got her teacher education by Kong Mien Ho (Amien) of Wújí Instituut voor Taiji Quan, Kung Fu en Qi Gong in Amsterdam. She followed seminars in China from grandmaster Ma Hong en master He Fa Yang.

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