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Free Talk: One Hour Session On NLP

Have you ever wondered how NLP can work for you ?

Neuro-Lingustic Programming has become the buzz-word for personal development and is fast becoming one of the most recognized methods for positive behavioral change. It works directly with the Sub-conscious mind to unlock an individual’s full potential.

Your Life Live It is an International Coaching Network using NLP to help clients make change in their lives. With coaches and courses around the world, Your Life Live It is coming to The Conscious Club on October 1st and 2nd with an award-winning course called “Seize Your Life with NLP”, taught by Dr. Glynn Ryland.

Glynn will be offering a one hour free talk on the 18th of September where you can discover for yourself the power of NLP and come to understand some of the behaviors or your own sub-conscious mind. 

NLP differs from other forms of traditional therapy with the fact that it doesn’t dwell on the story of the past. Instead it focuses on moving the client into the change they want to see. “Seize Your Life with NLP” is an expression of this, because the two day course focuses on putting you into your maximum state to achieve your own personal goals.

Human Beings are very conscious creatures, we live very conscious lives, 
always planning, thinking and analyzing. So much so that its easy to assume that it’s the conscious mind that’s running the show. However, the research shows us that the conscious mind is only capable of doing 5 to 7 things at any one time, whereas the sub-conscious mind is processing over 2 million pieces of information every second.

So as you are reading this, its is your sub conscious mind that is regulating your breathing, ensuring your hair and nails are growing, organizing your memories, managing your blood flow and making sure you’ll have the capacity to dream tonight.

Your sub conscious mind is an amazingly powerful tool, but its also the place where our beliefs about ourselves reside, and this is where most of our work in NLP focuses. To identify and change Limiting Beliefs that may be holding us back from fully participating in life. 

These Limiting Beliefs operate completely unconsciously, so when you consider that 95% of all our behaviors are entirely unconscious, then NLP becomes something really worthy of consideration.

Come and join Glynn and Your Life Live It at The Conscious Club for a free one hour session on NLP. Come and discover more about yourself and your sub-conscious behaviours, and how to work more effectively with them to create positive change.