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ADE Restorative Sessions ๑ Maori Haka Dance​​​​​​​



We, modern people, are losing connection with our elemental forces, the forces that we need to exist in our original Habitat: instinct and intuition, unity consciousness, the ability to communicate with plants and animals, but also a natural contact with the spiritual world. Get back to your Primal Being with the ancient dance of the Maori (New Zealand): Haka.

As indigenous people the Maori maintained many of their original capabilities. The Maori have retained their traditions in many ceremonies. In this time they return back to the old Maori traditions and develop many programs for the search for the primal own knowing in the connection with nature, the community and the ancestors at its core. This is what makes the Haka work so successful. It is a magical experience to harness the power from its own roots and the ancestral bloodline to call.

The Dutch Haka
The Haka Haruru Ana To Ngaru (Feel the power of the wave) is written especially for Netherlands in 2016 by Vince Ata of the Maori Tuhoe tribe. Vince has been inspired by the force of the water and our connection with that.

This Dutch haka is about the confluence of the female undercurrent and the male upstream to a powerful wave. Doing this haka awakens the fire inside, your life force.

About Marcel Hendriks
On August 2012 Marcel Hendriks got in contact with Tiki Rau Ata, Maori of the Tuhoe tribe for the first time. They gave man-workshops, Tane Mahuta (the hidden man). Through nature and ceremonies, among the Haka, they bring you back in contact with the hidden man. Marcel found this to be a very valuable and indispensable experience for the Dutch man. Since 2013 Marcel is involved with the organisation and gives Maori workshops for men and women, which is an amazing experience every time.

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Date: Sunday the 22nd of October
Time: 12:00-15:00
Location: The Conscious Club – Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Price: €35,- // €30,- for ADE card holders

Need some more energy before you start your last evening of the Amsterdam Dance Event? Awaken the fire inside you with the Maori Haka Dance at @The Conscious Club!