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The Sound Journey & Meditation Boat


Relax, it's The Conscious Boat! Every Wednesday & Friday we’ll be hopping on board at our doorstep at The Lauriergracht! Our partner Kinboat has the perfect silent and conscious electric boat to accompany us on the waters of Amsterdam! Did you know that 50% of the electricity comes from the boats solar panels? A welcome change on the waters of Amsterdam!

Sound Journey
Sound Journey with Frank Klank is described as an exceptional live music experience that connects you with a deeper and more heart-centered world music space through instruments. Frank Manners has an amazing collection of more than 32 singing bowls and every journey will be a different one!

- Wednesday July 5th - 20:30-22:00 // tickets:
- Wednesday July 26th - 18:30-20:00 // tickets:
- Wednesday August 9th - 18:30-20:00 // tickets:
- Wednesday August 30th - 20:30-22:00 // tickets:

Location: The Conscious Club - Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Price: €25,-