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Free Workshop ๑ Unwind The Bodymind

Free Workshop: Unwind the BodyMind

This workshop is more then pressuring points in your body or adding yet another structure to your system. It will support you to break patterns to nourish those part that need nourishment to access pain relief and activate fluidity in your being, deepening levels of release in your bodymind

You will walk away with:
* learn fluid touch to activate the myo-fascia and release chronic pain and calm down the nervous system
* techniques to relief lower back pain
* active mediation movement
* techniques to open up the healing energy in your hands

Suitable for all Levels.

Tapesh Paradiso & Anouk Hornman

Tapesh Paradiso has been in the field of bodywork, healing and meditation for more than 2 decades and shares his knowledge worldwide and now of you at The Conscious Club. He is there to support you with accessible techniques and will answer any questions you have to support your own health and wellbeing and the people around you.
Anouk Hornman shares from a space of deep personal experience in how she transformed chronic pain and exhaustion. Together they draw from 48 years of experience and founded the Alchemy of Touch Academy.

Date: Sunday the 25th of June
Time: 16:00-18:00
Location: The Conscious Club Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Price: FREE