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Body Zen In The Vondelpark


Our Summer Park Series is a little bit more active, but calms the mind as well! We've created a perfect schedule that takes place in the beautiful Vondelpark. We have much appreciation for this park as research claims that the Vondelpark is one of the cleanest areas in Amsterdam in terms of air! Besides that, who doesn't love to be surrounded by trees?!

Five out of six classes are available with your 10-ride & 5-ride pass, membership and for Onefit members


Every Sunday morning from 11:00-12:00 Tim van der Vliet will take you through his special Body Zen workout in the Vondelpark. In this workout we will do simple exercises that give you energy without a lot of effort, yoga, Qigong exercises, breathing exercises, meditation and a little bit of Body Zen mindset and nutrition tips.

Body Zen helps you develop a lifestyle with a simple and very efficient daily ritual. The daily ritual takes in the beginning only 2 minutes of your time and after a while maximum 10 minutes. You don’t have to go to the gym unless you really want to. Dropping (or gaining) weight is just a positive side effect of Body Zen.

You can bring your children.

We gather at the entrance of the Vondelpark, opposite the Holland Casino. Onefit members can check in from that location.