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Conscious Talks Workshop 1 ๑ The Brain

Workshop 1 ๑ The Brain - Neurofeedback & Meditation

Yes! Would you like to experience a psychological & spiritual workshop with more in depth exercises and discussion? This week the Conscious Talks workshop is all about the brain and biology. You are going to experience what the brain and the heart can do in the process of regaining balance or awareness in life. We'll have a closer look at the brain and will learn more about the functioning and disfunctioning of it. Also we are going to give you some spiritual experiences that will blow your mind! Join for this two hour adventure where we will dive into our brain and bodies in order to understand them a more from the psychological and spiritual point of view.

Workshop 1 ๑ The Brain - Neurofeedback & Meditation
Date: Sunday July 9th
Time: 17:30-19:30
Price: €25