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The Shaman’s Path ๑ Ancestral Power


The Shaman’s Path ๑ The Shamanic Journey
Explore the Shaman’s Path
Experience the ancient art of shamanic consciousness.

One might define happiness as: “being fully and authentically yourself”. This workshop series will support your own organic growth toward knowing yourself more fully and developing greater authenticity in your life. Let’s launch your journey into the spirit world, to learn how to bring the ancient Shamanic practices into your daily life - supporting and empowering the person you are becoming.

Theme: Ancestral Power
We all stand upon the shoulders of those who came before us. And those who come after us, will stand upon our shoulders. But the strength of our shoulders is determined by the strength of our roots and how connected we are to these roots. On Sunday the 8th of October we will explore the power of our ancestors and discover the medicine they can provide for us.

The practice of shamanism puts you in direct contact with your spiritual allies and the divine aspect of your own being. It allows you to develop a healthy relationship with all the spiritual forces in your life— assisting you in finding wholeness, balance and harmony in your work and personal life.

During this workshop, you will learn:
· The foundational practices of shamanic spirituality
· A working knowledge of the shamanic realms and the three spirit worlds
· How to enter a new state of awareness and open your senses to the spirit world
· How to make contact with your power animals, ancestors, and guardian spirits
· How to journey into the three worlds of non-ordinary reality

Your Shamanic Guide: Jason Simmonds
Jason believes the world is a better place when we take the best of ourselves. He wants to create a better world by spreading the joys of the old ways and assisting others in achieving their highest potential through shamanic wisdom. As a shamanic coach, vision quest counselor and sweat lodge leader, he hopes (and if Spirit willing) to assist in the restoration of balance between mankind, nature and all her creatures. So that we as a species may continue to live.

“What is a butterfly, if not the flowering of a caterpillar beyond his wildest dreams” - Darpan

Feel welcome and step into the world of spirit. The whole series:
Shaman’s Path ๑ The Medicine Wheel – 12 Nov. 2017
Shaman’s Path ๑ Oracles, Bones and Stones – 10 Dec. 2017
Shaman’s Path ๑ White Buffalo Medicine – 14 Jan. 2018

Date: Sunday the 8th of October
Time: 12:30-15:30
Location: The Conscious Club – Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Price: €30,- per class. You can join the whole series for €125,-