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Sound Journey ๑ Sound Of Silence with Singing Bowls


Sound Journey with Frank Klank & Friends is described as an exceptional live music experience that connects guests with a deeper and more heart-centered world music space through instruments. Travel and discover the healing medicine of the sounds of the soothing singing bowls, the gong, a flute and drums - and let them be a bliss for your ears.

About Frank Klank
"Somewhere at the end of the late 90’s the sound of singing bowls started to trigger me. The sound of the bowls caught me, and out of curiosity I bought singing bowls. The woman in the shop told me: ‘take all the time you need for choosing a singing bowl. The bowls will choose you’. I truly experienced this, and took the time I needed. What a range of sounds I heard from 1 bowl. Some sounds touched me, other didn’t-- but it was interesting, and challenging. Hours later, I went home with 4 singing bowls.

Now, about 16 years later, after having a multiply of 4 singing bowls and after discovering loads of new sounds and feelings that happened in my body playing the bowls, I am still wondered about the influences the bowls can have.

I invite you to be curious about what sound can do and to feel what moves inside you if you listen to the sound of the singing bowls. Singing bowls make their own music, music makes vibrations and vibration means moving water. What happens with you and in your body, when knowing our body exists about 60% of water. If water moves a lot can happen, also in a human body.

Frank invites: Ton Akkermans and Carolina Schomper
This musical duo gives workshops in working with and the merging of singing bowls and gong. Ton educated himself in the making of therapeutic and meditative sound instruments. He also works with kids to let them feel more strong-willed, nationally and internationally. Ton has the gift to value the old Tibetan singing bowls to its purpose and to bring them to the energy of today.
Carolina is a dancer, actress, mime player and is educated for years on the spiritual path. She gave meditations and workshops through the whole country and feels an enormous passion for working with singing bowls and gongs. 

Date: Friday the 13th of October
Time: 19:30-21:30
Location: The Conscious Club - Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Price: €15,- // Also available with your 5/10-ride pass or OneFit card


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