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Budokon Yoga Series ๑ Divided Minds


Mixed Movement Arts Yoga
Learn how the Budokon Yoga Primary Series combines strong and circular sequence of yogic asanas, martial arts transitions and animal locomotion in the ‘Way of the Warrior Spirit’. This unique mixed movement arts yoga system helps you to increase your muscular strength, body control and stability, agility, mobility and the cultivation of pure witness state zen mind.

In the Budokon Yoga Primary Series we follow the way of the warrior to prepare for the unification of mind, spirit and body - the greatest of battles – in the seven sections.

1. Awakening
2. Divided mind
3. Pride
4. Unification
5. Balance
6. Remembering
7. Death & rebirth

Divided Minds
During this class Svenja Carolin Dietrich will break down the archer series section two ‘Divided mind’ framed by the opening section ‘Awakening’ and closing section ‘Death & rebirth’. In the short mind science part of the class the focus will be on ‘Thoughts’ one of the six Budokon Living Arts Pillars, which will be related to and reflected in the Yoga section.

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Budokon Yoga is perfect for the athletic Yoga student wanting a unique and powerful physical practice.

Date: Thursday the 12th of October
Time: 20:00-21:30
Location: The Conscious Club - Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam