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Meditation & Music ๑ Connection


Meditation & Music with Tim van der Vliet & Frank Klank is described as an exceptional live music experience combined with a clearing meditation & breathing exercises to experience the power of vibration. Let’s tune into a deep meditative state together with the healing effect of the singing bowls and your own body.

The combination of singing bowls, breathing and meditation is detoxifying for your body while your mind is in a silent space. The soothing sounds of the singing bowls and the meditative journey will restore your overall balance and the release of happy hormones and neurotransmitters. 

Meditation by Tim van der Vliet
In this guided meditation, Tim uses the Wim Hof Breathing Method (the Iceman). We will breathe into the seven chakra’s, releasing tension and filling each chakra with healing energy. The breathing method gets rid off toxins, puts oxygen in your body and alkalises your body. This breathing method unlocks the happy hormones and neurotransmitters dopamine and DMT. DMT is also known as the Spirit Molecule. This brings you deeper in your meditation and connects with a silent space within you that may not have experienced before. This is very healing and the word silence may get a new meaning for you. 

Music by Frank Klank
Frank, is known as Mr. Singing Bowls at The Conscious Club. From the first moment he got in touch with singing bowls 17 years ago he knew it was his path to share these beautiful sounds. His collection has now grown into 34 different singing bowls, making every journey an amazing new one. 

We will invite you to be curious about what sound and conscious breathing can do and to feel what moves inside you if you listen to the sound of the singing bowls and your breath. 

Date: the 27th of December
Time: 20:00-21:30
Location: The Conscious Club - Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Price: €15,- // Also available with your 5/10-ride pass or OneFit card

Note: Sorry, we don't do refunds. Unfortunately we can't disturb a started class, so make sure you are in time so you don't miss out! No exceptions.