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The Hip Openers ๑ Hatha Yoga

The Hip Openers
Your hips are the connection point of both the spine and the legs. The ‘hip girdle’ and the 17-25 muscles that it encompasses are the central station of the body. We could refers to the hips as ‘the mother of all movement. When they’re open, you’ll be much more mobile above and below them’. So working on hip mobility improves your relationship with the rest of your body and its overall wellbeing. In yoga we are able to move our ball-and-socket hip joint through its full range of motion, and move in ways that break our usual patterns, whether those patterns are ones of underuse from a sedentary lifestyle, or overuse of particular muscles and neglect of others from a very active lifestyle.

Once a month we'll take a journey through the hip openers of a variety of yoga disciplines.

Hatha Yoga
Hip openers can be one of the most dreaded parts of a Yoga class but provide the greatest relief of tension. And opening or loosening tight hips can bring not just physical release but also an emotional one. At the Hatha Hip Openers Cristina Guerra focusses on the pelvis, a sensitive body area where we accumulate a lot of unconscious repressed emotional and mental stresses and it is essential to have an energetic balance. We use the breath to release the points of tension wherever they may be. So, come and join us for an energetic, balanced class to loosen tight hips and restore harmony while releasing those tensions which are holding you from your next step forward.

Date: Thursday the 21st of September
Time: 20:15-21:45
Location: The Conscious Club - Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Price: €15,- // Also available with your 5/10-ride pass or OneFit card

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