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Deep Restorative Sessions ๑ Losing Tension

Deep Restorative Sessions ๑ Losing Tension

Restorative yoga traditionally targets the nervous system, up-regulating the parasympathetic (rest and digest) response and down-regulating neuromuscular activity to create and maintain a state of equilibrium and optimal health in the body. Through the art of masterful prop arrangement (otherwise known as ‘Bolster Ballet’) you can maximize these intentions, addressing individual circumstances including posture, limited flexibility, hypermobility, injuries, and other musculoskeletal concerns.

Join Rachel Johnston for this 4-part in-depth, practical approach to restorative yoga that incorporates biomechanics, neural responses and somatics. You will learn to read the story your body tells, assess specific needs based on tissue quality, play with the art of breathing to help calm your nervous system, learn simple meditation techniques and cultivate your intuition. 

This course includes extensive demonstrations, plenty of hands-on practice, discussion, and collaboration.

This is perfect opportunity if you are ready to deepen your yoga practice, if you need some support around anxiety and stress in your life, or if you simply like to take your rest seriously!

Tension = unnecessary effort put into an action.
Learning how to relax and release tension in the body is a higher order skill then learning how to put necessary action into a muscle. Both are important, ofcourse, but when it comes to learning how to undo long held postural patterns it helps to understand when you are putting in unnecessary effort.

Teacher: Rachel Johnston
Date: Wednesday September 27th
Time: 20:00-21:45
Location: The Conscious Club - Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Price: €15,- also available with OneFit or your 5/10 ride pass.

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