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Master Discovery ๑ Body ๑ Four Sessions on Mobility and Posture


Join us in January for our Master Discovery of Mobility and Posture!

One of the biggest mistakes many of us make throughout our 20’s and 30’s is neglecting mobility. We sit for hours on end at a desk, then end up on the treadmill at the gym in the evening without so much as a single stretch to warm up. Come 40, we're planks of wood.

Don't we all just want our body to be a temple? Have you fallen victim to the hazard commonly described as 'sitting is the new smoking'? Is your neck bothering you of have you got lower back problems? In need of a clear answer to all your questions regarding your spinal column and posture? Whether core exercises are worth your time and focus? And is it true that they will bring out the best in you plus help you reveal your six pack?

These evenings will teach you when your back is playing up to tell you to get up or when you should seriously consider taking medical action. Is your gait causing you lower back or even foot problems? And to top it all of-what should you eat for better spinal health?!

In four sessions to dive into the science with practical tips to improve your overall posture and mobility with a focus on your spinal, cartilage and tendons. Time to say goodbye to lower back pain, neck and shoulder problems and become more resilient to injury as you make your way through mid-life!

Interactive Group Sessions:

  • The science of mobility and posture - practical tips for implementation
    // Thursday January 10th, 20:00-21:30

  • The effect of nutrition and how to improve spinal health
    // Thursday January 17th, 20:00-21:30

  • The do’s and don't s in exercise - learning about the right work-out
    // Thursday January 24th, 20:00-21:30

  • The right recovery. Gain control over your body and mind, to influence your nervous system and immune system.
    // Thursday January 31st, 20:00-21:30

About The Facilitators

About Ernst Den Hertog - Physical Therapist & Orthomolecular Therapist

Ernst is a holistic physical and orthomolecular therapist. He is as interested in health (care) and prevention as in the individual way with which people perceive their own health. Giving insight in how your body works and explaining the physiology of healing, brings out the best in him. By adding aspects like sense of purpose and looking at stress in a beneficial way, he makes his work valuable to both his clients and himself.

“Treat the person, not the complaint and look beyond the symptoms to find the cause, then you’ll know where to look for solutions!”

About Rein Sarink - Personal trainer, Sports masseur, Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor

Rein is personal trainer, nutritionist, sports masseur and Wim Hof Method certified instructor. Because of his background as a sports masseur, he’s very knowledgeable about where and when injuries arise. He overcame his own asthma while becoming a certified Wim Hof instructor. The method does something amazing. Within a few minutes you will feel the enormous impact breathing can have. Not only on your O2 and Co2 level but also influencing your hormonal system, the autonomic nerve system, your cardiovascular system as well as your state of mind. It’s a full mind over body experience.

About Alicia Ingruber - Certified Yoga Instructor

Alicia is a certified Vinyasa, Core Flow, Yin and Hiit Yoga Teacher. Yoga was first introduced to Alicia in a doctor’s office in Australia. At 17 years old, she had just moved back to her home country and was going through a difficult time. The heartbreak of leaving behind her life overseas and the stress of trying to fit into a new school cause her to develop chronic pain. Her doctor prescribed yoga but the only class that was available in her area was a Body Balance class at the local gym – a mix of Yoga, Pilates, and Thai Chi. It was challenging but she knew she needed more of it, which led her to explore other forms of exercise and feel the empowerment of movement as medicine. Yoga then became a central part of her life, helping her build confidence, nurture her sense of self-love and heal her through heartbreak and burnout. Alicia firmly believes that yoga is for everyone, it’s just about finding the style and teacher that resonates best with you.

Facilitators: Ernst Den Hertog, Rein Sarink and Alicia Ingruber
- Thursday January 10th, 20:00-21:30
- Thursday January 17th, 20:00-21:30
- Thursday January 21st, 20:00-21:30
- Thursday January 31st, 20:00-21:30
Location: The Conscious Club - Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Price: €60,- for four interactive sessions // Single Class €15,50
Tickets: or book here

- Sorry, we don't do refunds. Unfortunately we can't disturb a started class, so make sure you are in time so you don't miss out! No exceptions.
- Our external booking system does not accept iDeal payments anymore. For now it’s possible to buy your tickets with a creditcard, to buy a ticket at the door, or buy one via banktransfer. Just transfer the ticket amount to: The Conscious Club B.V. at account number: NL 16 TRIO 0391 1029 74 // Send us an e-mail at info[at] with a screenshot of the transfer, and we'll fix the rest!

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