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The Zen Teachings of Martial Arts


The Zen Teachings of Martial Arts

With the help of Traditional Korean Martial Arts Movements, it is the aim of this class to let participants empty their mind.

The so-called Poomsaes are forms straight out of Korean Taekwondo. The movements within this form consist of punches, kicks and blocks that are carefully choreographed in the shape of a tangram straight out of the Daoist I Ching.

The movements help you breathe properly as they invite you to take control over every muscle in your body so you are actually able to let go of your mind. Your entire body will mimic breathing in and breathing out as you move across all corners of the world and galaxy.

Zen, or Seon in Korean, will be achieved as a participant goes through the movements and concentrates on JUST the movement. Emptying one's mind brings about a silent state of mind. This meditation in movement is comparable to Chinese Tai Chi and is open to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Participants can choose to do these forms barefooted as is traditional or wear shoes if they have problems with their feet. Bring some water, a towel and lots of love.

The instructor, Kevin Heller, is a 1st-degree black belt in Taekwondo.

Facilitator: Kevin Heller
Date: Once a Month on Saturday
Location: The Conscious Club - Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Time: 15:30-17:30
Price: €15.50 // Available with your 10-ride pass, 5-ride pass and New Member Introduction Card. For Onefit card members we have very limited spots available.


» Saturday the 26th of January from 15:30-17:30

» Saturday the 23th of February from 15:30-17:30

» Saturday the 30th of March from 15:30-17:30

» Saturday the 25th of May from 15:30-17:30

» Saturday the 29th of June from 15:30-17:30

» Saturday the 27th of July from 15:30-17:30

» Saturday the 31st of August from 15:30-17:30


» Sorry, we don't do refunds. Unfortunately, we can't disturb a started class, so make sure you are on time so you don't miss out! No exceptions.

» A New Member Introduction Pass lets you try 10 classes in 1 month for just €55,-.
(Valid for one month after your first visit)

» You can buy a 5-ride Pass for €65,- instead of €77,50
(valid for three months after your first visit)

» Or access to over 400 daily classes and 120 special classes with our 10-ride pass for €115,- instead of €155,-
(valid for three months after your first visit)

» Is this class full on Onefit? There are still tickets available at The Conscious Club!

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