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Seasonal Ceremonies ๑ Spring Edition


Seasonal Ceremony
Fully embrace the seasons by connecting yourself with ancient wisdom and knowledge through sacred rituals.

Seasonal Ceremonies ๑ Spring Edition
Make your own meditation chain while you walk through a sacred spring labyrinth

What did you wish for at the start of 2019? Which intentions do you have for yourself? The warm cover of winter has created a safe space for your dreams to develop. But now spring is here, ushering your dreams to hatch and come out into the open.

We welcome you in our sacred temple to walk the Spring labyrinth. Submerge in the elements and surface with all you need to make your intentions come true. During this ceremony we help you to express your intentions and to bring them in the world. You will also pick up the tools and insights that you need to make your own mediation chain.

As witches and spiritual teachers we will combine ancient wisdom and knowledge with the energy of that moment and create a space to celebrate, honour, reflect and experience the magic of this amazing season. We are so exited to meet you.

With love,
Ameike and Shamim

- A walk trough the sacred temple of our spring labyrinth
- Making your own mediation chain (and bring it home)
- Special spring meditation
- Spiritual guiding and sharing

Facilitators: Shamim Meijs and Ameike Van Der Ven
Date: Sunday the 24th of March
Time: 14:00-16:30
Location: The Conscious Club - Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Price: €30,- including meditation chain

» About Shamim:
Shamim Meijs is a spiritual teacher, coach and witch. She has the gift of clear sight and is specialized in connecting humans with their soul and guiding them through lives transformations. Shamim is also a member of The Conscious Club cacao team, were she gives her spiritual input and hold space.

She always knew that life had a plan for her, and that there’s no option into not following that soul purpose. That way she started this work at a very young age and through the years she build a stable practise and had the honour and privilege of guiding many souls.

Next to her work as a spiritual teacher/coach she is a witch and she is drown trough magic, nature and rituals. She guided different circles and celebrated many seasons in small and big groups. The knowing of the importance of bringing back ancient rituals into this new world is joyful and drives her to relive her own path and wisdom.
She knows that live has come to a point where the phoenix is rising from the ashes. To spread her wings and dive into the dept of the unknowing. To inspire, guide, comfort and love!

» About Ameike Van Der Ven:

Ameike van der Ven is owner of Rituelenatelier and witch.
The magic and mystique of rituals have always fascinated Ameike. As a little girl she organized birth events for her dolls, designed a grand funeral for her deceased Guinea pig, and her Barbie doll has had more weddings than Elizabeth Taylor. During her course in spirituality and mysticism (where Shamim and Ameike met), Ameike learned about the symbolism and background of rituals. She is specialised in designing practical rituals for the small and the big events in life. Happy or sad.

Making the invisible visible and tangible is the connecting thread in her life and career. As a journalist by looking for ' the truth ', as a communication specialist by connecting people and organisations and within her own company, Rituelenatelier, by developing and designing unique and creative ritual boxes. With these ritual boxes Ameike wants to reconnect people with ancient rituals and offer an answer for anyone who is looking for more depth and meaning in their lives. Practical, ready to use, creative and with a dose of humour.


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