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Yoga ๑ Live Piano ๑ Poetry


Yoga ๑ Live Piano ๑ Poetry

When you relax and open up, you can feel connected and inspired.

Lu Jong, Tibetan yoga, is a form of Meditation in Movement; it opens up our body, our heart and our mind.
When we are open, we feel connected, not only to ourselves but also to nature and to other living beings. Sometimes we feel as if ideas are 'given' to us, from somewhere in the universe or from deep down inside of us.

Lu Jong helps us to release tension in our body and in our mind. With special movements and breathing exercises we open up our channels and release blocks. Relaxation helps us to let go of fear, grasping, and effort. The way we breathe is very much connected to the way we think. Lu Jong uses bodywork as vehicle to calm down our thoughts and emotions.

This way we can feel more space for new possibilities and inspiration.

About Ninon Van Der Sande:
Ninon learned about the connection of body and mind from a Tibetan Buddhist Master, Tulku Lobsang.
Ninon is an artist whose sculptures and paintings, celebrating nature, are spread over different countries in the world. She feels a connection with Buddhist philosophy of the interdependency of all that exists. When we observe our own mind, we might find some space between thoughts, where creativity can be born.

In this event we will do a series of Lu Jong Movements, a breathing exercise, and in the end we will relax and Ninon will play the piano while citing some of her poems.

The more you go away from your own place
The better you know it

The more you open up
The better you know yourself

The more you can admire an animal
The better you can see truth

The more you can see there are miracles
The livelier you live

At first it all seems a lot
But little by little
All becomes one

© Ninon van der Sande

Facilitator: Ninon Van Der Sande
Date: Once a Month on Wednesday
Time: 20:00-21:30
Location: The Conscious Club - Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
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