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Ayurvedic Lifestyle Class ๑ Each Month a Different Theme


Ayurvedic Lifestyle Class ๑ Each Month a Different Theme
with Suze Retera

Translated simply as ‘knowledge of life’, Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic philosophy. Ayurveda shows you how to live a healthy, wholesome and more fulfilled life by balancing your mind, body and spirit. You are at the core of Ayurveda; the individual, and your unique set of physical, mental and spiritual characteristics - known as dosha in Ayurvedic practice.

By taking your dominant dosha(s), Ayurveda offers insights into which foods, herbs, and lifestyle activities will enhance the quality of your life, and which ones won’t. It offers a body of wisdom designed to help you stay vibrant and healthy while realizing your full human potential.

To find out your dosha do the quiz here:

Teacher: Suze Retera
Date: Once a Month on Saturday
Time: 16:00-17:30
Location: The Conscious Club - Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Price: €15,- // Available with your membership, 10-ride pass, 5-ride pass or Onefit card (limited spots).

- Sorry, we don't do refunds. Unfortunately we can't disturb a started class, so make sure you are in time so you don't miss out! No exceptions.
- At the moment our external booking system does not accept iDeal payments anymore. For now it’s possible to buy your tickets with a creditcard, to buy a ticket at the door, or buy one via banktransfer. Just transfer the ticket amount to: The Conscious Club B.V. at account number: NL 16 TRIO 0391 1029 74 // Send us an e-mail at info[at] with a screenshot of the transfer, and we'll fix the rest!


Saturday April 21st from 16:00-17:30

Ayurveda is the age-old Indian science of health and can be seen as the sister of yoga. They compliment each other and are build on many of the same principles and knowledge. Knowing the basics of Ayurveda, your own constitution type (dosha) and how it relates to your yoga practice, can be of great benefit in finding balance in your daily life.

In this class you will learn how to recognise the three Ayurvedic Dosha’s: Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and how different yoga asana’s and types of yoga practices influence them. This will give you some practical knowledge that you can easily apply in your yoga practice and daily life. 
Note: This class is theory only, there will be no asana practice.

Saturday June 2nd from 16:00-17:30

With the Kapha elements still very present in Spring time, we slowly start to move to towards the Summer, which means Pitta is becoming more dominant. Pitta dosha, which combines the elements fire and water, is a beautiful force that helps you transform and get things done. But too much Pitta can make you a little too hot headed or even burn you out.

In this lifestyle class you will learn more about the qualities of the Pitta dosha, how to recognize them in the food you eat, the activities you do and your surroundings, and how you can use them in your advantage. We will focus on yoga practices that help you to keep Pitta balanced, especially in Summer time, along with dietary and lifestyle tips.
Note: Please wear yoga clothes since we will be practicing asana and you can bring a pen and notebook if you like to make notes