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Sacred Cacao Ceremony ๑ A Heart Opening Journey


Sacred Cacao is a soft but gentle medicine used to open the heart. The active ingredients of the cacao work strongly on the heart chakra and brings us back to our natural state of feeling. We sink with our head into our heart and connect ourselves intuitively with Mother Earth and the cycles of nature. Every month is a different journey, depending on the moon phase and season.

The space is supported with meditation, heart songs, movement and sharing.

Why Guatemalan Cacao? Our pure, raw cacao comes from Guatemala. The Criollo bean cacao is sourced with the highest active compounds to produce the most mind altering experience possible. It is blessed by cacao shaman Keith and intended to work with in ceremony to support in transmuting energy. This cacao does not force you anywhere, but it will act as a partner healing medicine, supporting you in whatever you wish to open, heal or experience. The cacao elixer is completely safe to drink and has no hallucinating effect.

๑ Wear something comfortable (no shoes)
๑ Don't eat too much before the ceremony so there's room for the cacao to do it's work
๑ If you are on antidepressants please let us know immediately since cacao and certain antidepressants do not mix and can have harmful side effects
๑ Drink enough water during ceremony. Cacao is a diuretic and without proper hydration headaches can occur.

With love ❤

Charon TolhuisenShamim MeijsElizabeth Plokker and Dana van Breukelen


Shamim Meijs
is a white witch and a spiritual healer & coach. She started at a very young age with Tarot Cards, witchcraft, healing work and had paranormal experiences. The world of spirituality and the meaning of life became a way of living and evolved in a deep knowing of existence (soul consciousness). She has a strong connection with the universe and mother earth and it’s her mission to guide people on their life path.

Charon Tolhuisen
is co-owner of The Conscious Club and works with ancient wisdom of the white witch and goddesses. She heals and empowers others on their journey by channeling, doing bodywork and card readings.

Elizabeth Plokker
is co-owner of The Conscious Club and works in the background as a modern day shamanic healer. Born with a spiritual toolbox of claircognizance, clairsentience and clairvoyance her world opened to paranormal experiences at a very young age. She speaks ancient spiritual languages which enables her to transfer the source of darkness into light.

Dana van Breukelen
grew up in a yoga ashram and has travelled to India many times. She's a yogi who feels at home with Sivananda tradition. While studying Anthropology, Hindi, and Hinduism in Amsterdam, she discovered the Yoga Community and felt very much at home with the Sivananda tradition. She appreciates the holistic inclusion of asana, pranayama, and mantra in every class, allowing us to re-access inner stillness and bliss on all levels. Making music and singing mantras is another yogic path she enjoys very much. Dana will guide us with her beautiful voice and music ♥ You can listen to her music here:

Date: Once a Month on Sunday
Time: 14:00-16:30
Location: The Conscious Club - Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Price: €25,-

- Sorry, we don't do refunds. Unfortunately we can't disturb a started class, so make sure you are in time so you don't miss out! No exceptions.
- At the moment our external booking system does not accept iDeal payments anymore. For now it’s possible to buy your tickets with a creditcard, to buy a ticket at the door, or buy one via banktransfer. Just transfer the ticket amount to: The Conscious Club B.V. at account number: NL 16 TRIO 0391 1029 74 // Send us an e-mail at info[at] with a screenshot of the transfer, and we'll fix the rest!


Sunday the 10th of June from 14:00-16:30